Education & Career Services Department

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6)

In this kingdom of God (UCC) No child, No teenager, No man or woman are destroyed for lack of knowledge nor left behind. The 13th value of UCC is Education


Our mission:

 Is to promote the power of education which is one of our core values in the kingdom of God in order to pursue the academic success of all our students here at UCC


Our goals are:

  1. To win souls through the Education & Career Services
  2. To provide education and tutouring services for all students in Elementary, Junior high, and High School 
  3. To promote the power of a good education, and to foster our students academic desire, coupled with a determination to stay in school and succeed


Our strategies:

  1. A team of  educators will assist students in all subject matter they need help in
  2. We have established educational events and programs to motivate our students to be excellent achievers through our tutoring system at no cost to our members
  3. We utilize the resources in our community to have a career services day that will guide students in their career of choice and assistance in applying to the college of their choice
  4. We celebrate every year the success of our students through an annual graduation ceremony the last Saturday in the month of July
  5. We annually supply elementary students whose parents are members with some back to school supplies the first Sunday in the month of August


Our Student Success Mantra


Study, study, study, and I will do very, very, well with desire and determination, and self discipline I will fulfill my devine dream, give it my best effort, and I will reach my devine destiny of destination success in life, with God on my side yes I can succeed in life.

Say Amen!

Become a member today and sign your child/children up for academic success in life.

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