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Our choir is a team that sings together with peace, love and unity. We are a team that love, respects and honors our God, our Apostle and our Church.  We have a vision and are on a mission to destination success.  We are on the same mission and have the same vision not only for our choir but also for our church. We are committed to the Apostle’s doctrine which is to bring people together, help people stay together, help people work together and appreciate the messenger and the message.

As a choir we know that we are a very important part of Universal Calvary Church and we take our mission very seriously. We understand that people come to the church because they are lost and hurting, they look to us for comfort, and a word of peace through the songs we sing. Therefore we will sing our songs with joy and not with grief. We sing our songs with all our heart and we are dedicated to our cause. We give our best to help our team and people the most. We prepare the hearts and the minds of the congregation so when the word comes forth with power their hearts are ready to receive it.

We remember at all times that we represent the church and the Apostle, whether we are in rehearsals or service, our conduct reflects that of a peaceful, well disciplined, orderly and courteous group. Each of us holds his/her behavior to the highest standard of excellence. We practice all the fruits of the spirit and use the seven attitudes of a soul winner each day of our lives. We are not only a choir that sings together, we are a united team of disciples, empowered to reach every heart and mind through the power of our songs and praise to God. We are also ready and equipped to fulfill the great commission of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through songs and praises.


Universal Calvary Church Choir Ministry

Vision & Mission


Choir Vision:

Our team vision is to sing together not only for the praise and glory of God, but a team who also work together in peace, love and unity to build the kingdom of God through song.


Choir Mission:

To always seek first, the success of the Choir Ministry and the success of Universal Calvary Church and to minister to hurting people throughout the world through the gift of song.



  1. To sing glorious songs of praises and thanksgiving to the Lord Jesus Christ. 
  2. To minister to the congregation of Universal Calvary Church through songs of praises. 
  3. To preach the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to the world through songs of praise. 
  4. To win souls into the kingdom of God though our singing.  
  5. To always leave a positive lasting impression upon all the hearts and minds of the people who hear the choir sing.



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