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Mission Statement

The Dance and Drama Department is a team of disciples who are committed to the core values of Universal Calvary Church and to spreading the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ as it is preached by the Apostle/ Pastor at the Universal Calvary Church.

We understand that at all times we represent the Apostle/ Pastor, our church and our God whether we are in church, our homes or in the street. Each of us holds our behavior to the highest standard of excellence. We use the seven attitudes of a soul winner and the fruits of the spirit at all times in everything we do and say.

We stand ready at all times to serve with all our strength, substance and might. We are determined that everyone we come in contact with we will leave a positive lasting impression thereby bringing honor to God, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Apostle and to our church, the Universal Calvary Church.

Vision & Mission

Team Vision To become a united team that works systematically with one another and the Apostle/ Pastor to create an atmosphere of Peace and Love in the church and in the Dance and Drama Department and in the Universal Calvary Church.

Team Mission

To ensure that we preach the Apostle’s gospel through Dance and Drama to all that we come into contact with. To foster unity and peace in the team that comprises of the participants in the Dance and Drama Department. To be committed, to always leave a positive, long-lasting impression in the hearts and minds of each person that enters the Universal Calvary Church. To become the best Dance and Drama Department member and to stay committed to the soul winning goals of the Universal Calvary Church.

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