Peace in my relationship

I was in a relationship for 5 years and all we did was argue, fight and point out the faults in each other. It was not a healthy relationship. I just could not find a way out of it, neither did I have the knowledge in fixing it. Every day was a shouting match, I felt as though I was at war on a daily basis. I did not know how to make peace in order to help the relationship prosper and all I wanted to do was to prove my point in whatever we argued about. One day, while watching the television I heard a man said, “blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.” I said to myself, I want peace in my life and in my relationship, but how do I get it? I decided to write down the address I saw on T.V. 109-20 Sutphin Blvd. Come see the man who can help you achieve peace in your relationship by the power of God.

Prosper In spite of!

I came to the United States of America with the hope of a better life for myself and my family. I thought that I could achieve my dreams all by myself without any difficulty, however when my visa expired, I found myself without money, no green card and no way of making ends meet. I became desperate. What was I going to do without a green card in a foreign land? I sought the help of lawyers who promised to help me get a green card, but they did nothing but steal my money. Then I had an encounter with the Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Osei-Acheampong who told me just as Joseph became prime minister in a foreign land and he prospered, the Lord Jesus Christ will also cause me to prosper. Today not only do I have a green card, but now I am a citizen. Come see the man who can change your circumstances by the power of God @ 109-20 Sutphin Blvd.

Rejected by others, accepted by God

I felt as though I was being condemned by everyone. My loved ones and my friends were always putting me down. I felt like an underachiever, and nothing I did was ever good enough. It appeared as if all my dreams, and plans, failed and there was always someone telling me, "I told you it would fail". Therefore, I had the mindset of a loser, I had the attitude of self-fulfilling prophecy. I began to set myself up for failure. Little did I know that God wanted me to prosper, as well as my soul to prosper. The Lord sent His messenger, the Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Osei-Acheampong who taught me all about Destination Success. I began to experience success in my life through his teaching and prayers. Come see the man for your success in life@ 109-20 Sutphin Blvd.

From mental madness, to sound mind

I was diagnosed with chronic mental depression, and I heard voices constantly telling me to push others or throw myself out of the window off my 7th floor apartment. I was mentally ill, a danger to myself and others. There were days when I felt lucid and wondered why I heard voices and felt like harming myself and others. One day I saw a man on television saying sound doctrine equals sound mind. He said the mind is spirit, but the brain is flesh. Come to a place where your mind which is spirit will be renewed. I decided to go to that place, the Universal Calvary Church. Since attending this church I have received sound teachings of the word of God, through His servant Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Osei-Acheampong, I no longer hear voices telling me to hurt those around me, or myself. I moved from mental madness, to sound mind. Come see the man @ 109-20 Sutphin Blvd.

Restoration for my family and I

I had so many family problems. My marriage was falling apart, and my children lost all respect for me. My wife became the breadwinner. I felt like I was less than a man. Many days I could hardly get out of bed, I was falling into a deep depression. I began to contemplate suicide. I asked myself, what is my purpose? If I died today, who would miss me? Why was I even created? I just wanted to die; I really did not want to live any more. Every day I contemplated how I would end my life, and one day someone told me that God wanted me to have life and life more abundantly. This person said that God has appointed some things in the church for me according to first Corinthians 12:28. When I accepted that invitation I was counseled by Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Osei-Acheampong. Now my family is back together. I regained the love and respect of my children. Come see the man that helped me put my family back together @ 109-220 Sutphin Blvd.

I received my breakthrough

I spent three years without a job I applied to many positions, and went on various interviews, but it seemed as if, no one wanted to hire me. I was qualified for the jobs that I applied for, nevertheless; it was as if all the doors were shut. I began to lose hope because my unemployment benefits were done and I was one step away from being homeless. Just before my world came crumbling down I received a blessed invitation to meet the Lord Jesus Christ and his anointed servant at Universal Calvary Church. He prayed for me and in less than three weeks I was called for an interview that went successful. I now have a job and I can keep a roof over my head. Come see the man for your breakthrough @ 109-20 Sutphin Blvd.

Man’s limitation, is God’s opportunity

Imagine your child’s doctor telling you that your daughter of 4 years old has a brain tumor and leukemia. Yes, this was the painful news my mother received when I was four. Terrified of losing me, she sought help from many physicians, but they all gave her the same diagnosis. It was until someone told her that man’s limitation, is God’s opportunity. My mom took me to a place where God’s power is being manifested in a mighty way. That little girl who was diagnosed with brain cancer and leukemia is cancer free for the past nineteen years and was healed by the Grace of God by the hands of His servant; Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Osei-Acheampong.  @ 109-20 Sutphin Blvd.

From death to life

After giving birth to a healthy, handsome, and lovely baby boy, my doctor’s shocked me with horrible news. I was told that I had double breast cancer, and as if that wasn’t enough, they said it was in stage four, which meant that I only had six months to live. Where was I supposed to go? Who could I turn to? And What should I do? Panic stricken, I had no answers to my questions, little did I know that God had me on His mind. He sent one of His messengers to invite me to a place where I would find HOPE, HELP AND HEALING. Universal Calvary Church.I am now cancer free for the past 27 years and my baby boy is now a successful young man. I moved from death to life! Come see the man who can do the same for you @ 109-20 Sutphin Blvd.

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